Wednesday, February 09, 2005

links, links & ideas for an evening



Why not just switch on the TV, grab a beer, put your feet up, relax, enjoy the soaps or footie, walk the dawg, shave the cow, spike the sphinx, tear down the garden shed, read the funnies, fun the readies, attack an idle shark, spray a prayer, get layered, feed the furnace, unzip an apple, paint a chapel's ceiling, unplug that axe, melt some wax, catch some razors, wipe your fears, erase your back axle, twist the headphones, worship your mazda, pick a new nostril, make yours a mackeral, storm iraq, $ave america, stone those pesky crows, pull up the little weeds, say a few kind words, vote for higher tolls, eat sticks, tighten up your machine heads, sing at out of the bedroom, feel free, tell them all it's nothing to do with me, download us, explode us, ignore us, grow on us, make an extra-marital gesture, rest your weary eyes upon the open road, fly to venice, talk sense for a change...but don't act strange.

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