Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Get your FTMT here, there and on-line

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We at impossible songs are proud to offer the chance of a lifetime, to change your future , your outlook, your finances and your lifestyle. And all for the better. It's all on offer at our FTMT portal that guides you directly to all the stored up wisdom of the universe so.....

Rock 'n Roll down to http://fairytalemanagement.blogspot.com

and smother yourself, your kids, your house, your TV, your deep freeze, your small garden pond that needs a good clean, your Mazda 323, your toasty maker, your desert boots, your MP3 player and your pets in our funky and rewarding ideas.

If that's not good enough then guess what? You can log onto I.Tunes open an account and buy our groovy stuff and cram it into your I.pod , now available in the UK as well as the USA - we've got the sales to make, you've got the cash!! we know it works!! so download our music, YAHOO!!

Problems? try www.impossiblesongs.com get full 2 minute soundclips of all our material or www.mperia.com/artists/impossible_songs or www.mp3tunes.com/impossiblesongs for 30 second soundclips, bloggy stuff, biogs, photos, nonsense, lyrics and you can review us if you like on all our sites.

Anything else is second best, second rate and last week's corned beef hash. So bottle on down and add some FTMT (via impossible songs) to a small, significant corner of your life.

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