Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sunshine Optimism

Check me out!

The phone man comes and finds no fault.

It’s not my fault.

Nobody’s fault.

A multiple of marvellous other faults exist out there in this imperfect world but they cannot be identified or listed or fixed, too bad. Trees come down on cables, lightning strikes, power failures and mismatched components, supply chain problems, conflicting specifications, white noise, grey noise, no noise, just too much trouble all round. No broadband when you live all of ten miles from Edinburgh, out here in the snowy wastes of West Lothian.

Sunshine brings optimism and complaints about the heat (?) and it’s the first few days of May. Only we Scots could think it could possibly uncomfortable at 16oC. Help.

OOTB CD number IV (Volume 4) has turned out rather nice, the usual mix of styles and deliveries and some kind of x factor make it a far more interesting listen than I’d expected (is this sunshine optimism?). If you want a copy it’ll be on sale from 26th May, launch night in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh. Details at and it will be on sale each Thursday at OOTB, now in the Cannons’ Gate basement. Full production credits rest with Dave Reilly at Crispycat Productions, Oh yeah we’ve still to burn the first few hundred and label them up and so on.

Syrus the cats killing spree continues, so far its four rabbits and one bird in the last few days. I’m a bit worried we may be driven from our home by angry torch wielding locals, unless of course we turn the little killer in.

Impossible Songs’ new recordings are still firmly stuck in the packaging and finishing loop. As usual we’ve no shortage of ideas, which is a problem in itself, maybe something will emerge in a few weeks, (more of the sunshine optimism?). The working title remains “Border Crossing”, I think we are both happy with that and a basic cover concept based on material photographed driving through Switzerland in March.

Diet thoughts: weekends seem to be curry’s and stir fries. Weekdays are pasta, toasties (cheese still figuring highly in the content of whatever it is), bananas, crisps, apples, grapes, chocolate, cakes and bread rolls. Is this healthy? Do I really care?

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