Monday, May 28, 2007


impossible songs

impossible songs

Saturday – Dunfermline’s date with destiny.

The final o’ the cup aka enduring a series of traffic jams eventually leading to a grim part of Glasgow where our (almost) beloved team met with an expected bitter end, but it was all fun and the banter was good - so my favourite things of this lost weekend were:

The kid’s trialling the PS2 bound for the holiday rental.
A chaotic breakfast followed by a brief return to Fife to pick up my No2 son.
Standing outside of Scotmid with a bag of soft drinks and a lottery ticket like Johnny no pals.
Watching those stretched Hummers heading along the M8 filled with partying Celtic fans.
Radio Scotland’s predicable but often funny pre-match coverage.
A brief but confused conversation with the Chinese fast food sellers at Hampden who seem to have no clue whatsoever as to what they were doing. Particularly when confronted by 17000 Fifers all wanting a Stephen’s bridie.
Everything about the game up until about 84 minutes.
Watching the distant pyrotechnics as Celtic lifted the trophy while we were heading away from the stadium.
Coming to the rescue of a bleeding Celtic fan whose van was bottled by some Rangers fans in Cathcart Road – welcome to the real world.
Reading the programme in another traffic jam while someone else drove.
A pint of 80/- in the Glen Tavern on the way home.
A marvellous platter of curry, rice, cold meats, salads, breads and rhubarb crumble prepared by Des and Ali for us all on out return to West Lothian.
The feeling that all of this is over, at least for a few years – surely.


More football, this time with the grandkids in tow and the 3 – 0 victory for Joe’s team.
Small children all over the place.
Getting rid of the fish tank, thanks to Erin, Guy and Tim for the heavy haulage.
A McDonald’s chicken wrap – oddly tasty and satisfying.
Watching Kiki’s Big Adventure with Olivia.
The cat returning and turning out to be in a more domesticated state of mind.
Hopetoun House horse events running along nicely in our backyard in between the showers.
More late night curry, wine, conversation and a deep and exhausted sleep.

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