Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can't be bothered

Things to do when you otherwise can't be bothered:
Make scrambled eggs on toast in the microwave and toaster, add lots of pepper.
Add a liberal amount of whisky to your tea-time Nescafe.
Shop at Maplin on line for a power adaptor.
Strim large tracts of garden and be ruthless with weeds and nettles.
Clip your nails.
Recycle a few good things.
Ponder on holidays and sort a small amount of personal stuff.
Delete those texts you were keeping.
Upload a few photos and orientate them.
Sit on the couch, watch football and play with your DR3 drum machine.
Drive a Ford Fiesta with 47 miles worth of fuel left in the tank.
Imagine yourself buying and eating a buffalo burger on Saturday.
Wonder through the land of maddening emails.
Discover some "cat-kill" and bloodstains hidden behind a door.
Decide not to iron for the third night in a row.
Flick your fingers in an OC way until they hurt.
Look for a dishwasher filling methodology, find one and then abandon it.
It's the middle of the week of course.

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