Monday, December 06, 2010

Cyclists in the snow

The snow has not been a friend for sometime, it is now like some feckless, irritating, ignorant, unwanted alien creature who wets the floor, trashes your stuff and eats his way through the contents of the fridge and the wine rack leaving dirty laundry in his wake. I have fallen out of love with the snow. It gets everywhere and ruins everything and now ten days into this year's new miserable experience I want it to go. Apart from that life is good, here's some reasons to be mindlessly cheerful.

Today's tea: fish pie, funny carroty-broccoli stuff and salad, late but nice.
Cyclists in the snow: these lunatics clearly have some kind of death wish as they weave between sliding traffic, half blind in a blizzard.
Music: Raw by Confusion.
Radio Scotland: endless traffic prattle, broadcasting texted rants and observations about the absence of guidance, leadership and coordination by the "authorities" during the freeze. No surprises there.
James Naughtie on R4: predicable and not that funny, naughty schoolboy error nicely blown out of proportion by the BBC.
Facebook: like X-Factor in a way, you love it and loathe it but it keeps families connected and the Forth Bridge has an FB page!
Brushing the snow from the cars and the path: Oddly satisfying, presently pointless.
Weather forecasts: fantasising that they are completely wrong and tomorrow will bring a massive thaw.
Cheap grub: BLT from Sainsburys reduced to 39p.
Cats: troubled and confused by the snow but now sleeping in close proximity.
The Trip: BBC2 2200.
Waking up warm at 0600: and wondering about the weather conditions.

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