Thursday, February 03, 2011

Double Neck

Despite the extreme weather today's pony express got through bringing six machine heads, one Gibson neck, one nut, some circulars and mail not meant for me. The first three items allowed project #1 to move forward by a few degrees. (Above) The new neck is on the left, the old iguana neck is on the right. The photo below was taken after a short struggle that saw the neck fitted, the nut glued in place and the machine heads fitted and my palm getting a screwdriver burn. Strings on tomorrow.

A brief history of time, idleness and ongoing projects:

1. As above, supersonic neck refit.
2. Record outstanding works of musical significance.
3. Stop leak in car floor pan.
4. Fix sunroof in car.
5. Fix air-con in car.
6. Fix bathroom ceiling.
7. Various outstanding chutney issues.
8. Book holiday.
9. Reorganise kitchen broom cupboard.
10.Many garden related things.
11. Win lottery.
12. Eat unseasonal food currently blocking up the freezer.

That'll do I think.

1 comment:

  1. That guitar looks nice! When do we see and hear this beast roaring into FULL-BLOODED LIFE??!!