Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zombie Sunday

Birmingham Airport: Still life with chairs.

Another busy weekend burns out quite satisfactorily. Little bits of things almost accomplished, completely finished and done and dusted:

Back and forth to Aberdeen for the happy birthday of a grandson.
Lego challenges.
Western themed restaurants can be fun, have you tried an Apache bun?
Rain stops work but I read the Times in relative peace.
Giant eggs appear on a piano.
Said piano's life story is researched via a leaky shed in Inverkeithing. Guitar prices there remain a puzzle.
Macbook, macbook, macbook and more macbook.
Plants planted, mice caught, pots drenched.
Football matches both Saturday and Sunday return good results.
Paint scrapers come in sets of three and in perfect packaging.
Bikes and Karts at Knockhill. Irn-Bru and Coke, spring water and coffee.
The sun shines eventually.
A single fish, a fish supper, rhubarb and custard and Magner's pear cider.
A couch is definitely a sofa and should always be referred to as such, particularly by those who know what they know.
Holidays from blogs and the like.

Aberdeen: Still life with hot dog.

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