Thursday, November 22, 2012

London - more daily photos

Under London's Guildhall there's a Roman ruin, an amphitheatre with the bones and stones preserved below the streets above. A wooden sewage pipe ran through the middle but the wooden sewage has gone,  nowadays Tron like figures pose and the great British public ponder the past.
Close up of the virtual Roman Trons punching each other out and celebrating. Strange days.
South of the river, the Shard shines brightly at 2300hrs.
North of the river, St Pauls is warmly lit up for  the  cold November night. 
Breakfast by the Tate Modern building site at Fratelli's coffee shop.  Outside street incidents and accidents abound, a fascinating place to sit and slurp perfect coffee and expensive but tasty yogurt.
Just back from a highly enjoyable 36 hours in the Smoke. Celebrating EH's graduation at the royal ans ancient Guildhall with pomp and circumstance, eating twice cooked chips, swilling and swallowing wine and water, transporting giant umbrellas, using ceramic speech balloons, experiencing a 7am hotel fire alarm, queasy noisy flights and marvelling at the scope and convenience of the Oyster Card. Back home in Scotland and the rain water is running from the fields, down the hill and past the front door. Inside we clear windowsills and prepare for more improvements. Mudslide slim and the blue horizon indeed.

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