Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pimp my X Wing

Star Bores: We got my grandson a birthday Lego X-Wing (8 years + and he's just turned 8). Not sure how long building it will take but we're looking at an hour and half construction time at least , maybe more. I'm posting this just to prove I'm big hearted enough to forgive the mandarins and bean counters at Disney, Lucasfilm, Lego and even the Flying Burrito Brothers for whatever offence was taken at my Darth Vader Red Bubble photo earlier this month. Lego is still fun and small boys still like Star Wars so I'll suck it up.

No Steak Bake: Today's main mercy mission (apart from delivering the X-Wing) was to drop in a vital, life saving consignment of some Stephen's Steak Bridies for the eager and hungry in the far away land of Aberdeen. I hope they were appreciated and that the parachute wasn't too entangled in the tree.

File under food related: As if determined to play havoc with my cholesterol and monk like healthy diet those entrepreneurs in our local M&S have installed a fresh bakery that's full of fresh bakery products and wonderful smells and aromas. So much so that you don't just want to buy the bread, you want to buy the whole shop and anything else for sale in the surrounding area. Curse you, you capitalist and nice smelling bakers.

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