Thursday, May 01, 2014

A nation of drunkards

Unkind remarks about the demon drink: Maybe wee Eck's not far away from the awful truth and maybe we have a lot more in common with our Russian brethren than we might think. The awful, primal, clawing feeling that every so often we just need to reach out and grab some warm, glowing liquid in the hope that it will burn into our battered (deep fried) and frail, shared consciousness and somehow dull the sharp pains born in all our human weakness and the realisation that comes with that terrible knowledge, all power is of course tyranny but no respectable politician would ever admit it. That's the old black magic of the golden dawn of Irn-Bru and the democratic v the non-democratic processes being acted out in both the Ukraine and Bella Caledonia. Slanj and just get on and do it.

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