Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Enter the dragon

Enter the dragon's tail to be precise: here be/are the orphan necks of four Stratocasters, one Telecaster, a Telecaster Slimline and a highly significant and in no way derivative Shorty McHumbucker. Each one carries with it a carefully crafted dragon tail type design (no two are ever the same thanks to skill, artistic license, burned fingers and the vague but interesting properties of pyromania (burned on red hot, mad, flaming groovy, incinerated and smelly graphics)). I had a rare spell of artistic and creative outburst over the weekend in between ceremonial black pudding frying and long walks along the long coast, these fine bits of warped timber were the result. The next part of the challenge is of course to build something finished in finely burnished hardwood, strung up and electrified and playable and more importantly sellable. All in good time good people and can you see what it is yet?

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