Friday, May 02, 2014


Rob Brydon doing Jimmy Saville
a cat staring at you in an accusing way
baked beans boiling
air stewardess make up
Danny Alexander; it'll all come out out one day
journalist and columnist’s profile photos in the Guardian
crows ignoring you
drivers who don't wave “thank you” back
too serious folk musicians
people who put up their own home-made signs
seeing the word “roster” and thinking about Atomic Rooster
writing ideas down on yellow stickies
missing socks
zero bids on eBay
the backside of the cupboard under the sink
old violins in sale rooms
monkey faces
buses that say “out of service”
birds stuck in a chimney breast
Roy Keane
three spoonfuls of sugar in a cup of tea
people who come to meetings and say nothing
white Audis
breakfast TV couch presenters
huge biomedical databases
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    Late at night as you work on your computer your dog gently lays its head on your knee. But you don't have a dog,
  2. you put a foil tray into the microwave, switch it on but there are no sparks
  3. the power blips off and then comes on
  4. if your soul had a colour what colour would it be?
  5. if there ever was to be a murder near to where you live, who would the victim be?
  6. all the mail you've ever sent starts to return to you, unopened, a letter at a time every day

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