Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Burn the Witch

As ever it takes me a while to get round to looking into the latest cool thing that's floating around, so much so that I'm no even sure that the latest cool thing is even cool. Are Radiohead cool at all or are they living in that 90's twilight zone where they are famous enough to coast along and command an audience and rich enough to not bother. They can also delete their internet presence (how's that work) and then relaunch themselves and so on. In all this meandering and coming and going I'd like to think that they can still throw a decent tune together or at least come up with a challenging set of lyrics that..."makes a person think". Maybe making people think is a bit risky these days, let's just keep them comatosed nicely. So the brave new Radiohead video has been launched and everybody is excited. I'd be a bit more excited if I understood a few more of the references and keys but I can't help my age and general lack of education. Anyway I like it and I suspect that that the audience they are targeting (30s or so) will get it all right away.

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