Monday, May 02, 2016

Get through the slump

(From Saturday's canal boat outing).The serene and effortless swimming of a swan...except for the cliched notion that under the water a lot of unsightly and ungainly paddling action is going ahead. So the three day hangover has lifted and the steady rains of a grey public holiday discourage the thought of venturing out and fixing the shed roof...I'm fixing guitars instead, planning projects and drinking coffee. It was also no surprise to read the usual Monday morning spoilers regards the resurrection of Jon Snow in GoT. Now that this plot device has been taken up no character is safe or even unsafe albeit the word out there is that Jon will be a changed man following from his soul's temporary vacation into Ghost the wolf/dog and the fact that some of his soul will have been distorted in the process. It all sounds like a bit of a holiday treat that we can properly savour at 2100 tonight.

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