Monday, October 03, 2016

Getting over a rainbow

This rainbow remained stuck  in position and on duty for at least five hours on Saturday, is this a record?
So it's time to come down both physically and mentally from the heights reached over the weekend, there with the all day rainbows, the sheer drops to certain death and a quick pint of shandy in Aberfeldy. (As a younger man I did the Aberfeldy half marathon twice achieving respectable times (1hr 35m or so) on both outings), that esoteric level of fitness and the quasi-mulleted look that went with it has long gone. Now, after one Munro my legs feel like mature Swiss Cheese with extra holes drilled in. I did however manage a few speedy laps of the fulfilment centre today powered by a fruit and cereal diet that will no doubt restore the burned up muscle and the petered out stamina to something like normal levels...for a racoon.

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