Sunday, October 02, 2016


Alien markings carved into rocks at the summit using alien lasers and suchlike (my theory). 
A grand vista
Loch Tummel and few clouds gathering.
Tough day yesterday, tougher than a day at the big A but possibly not as tough as a Tough Mudder day. So it was my first Munro ascent in about thirty five years. Turns out the old dog still has no new tricks and an old man has no new ideas but some degree of life left in him but it was tough. Did I say that?  The last of our four family hillwalks this year and like all the others the weather was great, the conditions good and the views from the summit were wonderful and the people perfect. Next year we plan to go further and higher until one day we all just walk off, disappear into some strangely glowing cloud and go to be with our own personal god.

The ritual passing of the blagged Tennants lager can.

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