Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Post Political

"From a US Air Force Base near Las Vegas an operator flying a drone takes out the lead vehicle in a convoy carrying Col Gaddafi and his entourage through rebel held roads. Following the attack Gaddafi tries to hide in a road side drain culvert. His fate is already sealed." 

Sunny warm day
At an Air Force Base
Near Las Vegas
No time for a shave this morning
Pickup trucks in the lot
A Drone is being guided
Flying across the Libyan desert
The operator obeys the order
Sipping an ice cold cola
The target's offered up
Lead vehicle in the convoy
The drone's systems lock on
And fire
Take a break

Repeat "Pakistan"

Repeat "Afganistan"

Repeat "Syria"

Repeat "Call of Duty"

And so on we go...

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