Friday, April 12, 2019

Cairneyhill Crunch

Cairneyhill Crunch is a local delicacy first made up in the 12th century by local monks from nearby St Margaret's Abbey and offered to pilgrims as a light  snack as they traveled across the Fife Path of Pestilence looking out for a good beating. It's now going through a mini revival at cafes and eateries in the small town and is seen as a type of "street food", very fashionable amongst the young these days. The traditional recipe still requires that only the best corn flakes and dessicated coconut are used in the complex baking process. There's also a mystery ingredient. No one knows quite what it is. It's also thought to be one of the earliest examples of an edible microwave dessert and it has inspired many quaint folk songs, dirty inky block prints, electric guitar tones and abstract arty poems over the years.

Numerous families of travelling gypsy bees have moved into the field next door. I presume that they intend to dine out on the large amounts of Rape-Seed pollen that is dustily powdering itself across the landscape these days like a fine shower of sweet cocaine. Always nice to have new neighbours, particularly hard working ones that may well survive to sting, irritate and drive away any fly-tippers or over enthusiastic courting couples. 

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