Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Three birthdays and a trip to A and E

So the weekend was a full one and it's Wednesday already and I've hardly had a moment. Somebody had a big birthday and others had regular birthdays. Life was strangely hectic and things flashed past at an incredible speed throwing me into a busy week at work accompanied by the dull anguish of an unexpected head injury. Family, friends and the NHS rallied to my support and it's now a distant if uncomfortable memory. A tale to tell when the right time comes for telling tales. In a the confusion I did assemble a lot of of happy memories and I hope some others did too, life is pretty much a series of unplanned events and unintended consequences rubbing up together in unpredictable ways and things, well they just keep happening. I should say something about Game of Thrones or the weather or the terrible bigger picture but that's for another post, funny how none of this is quite as cathartic as it should be. At least I got my washing done. Love and apologies to all.

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