Thursday, April 18, 2019

God's country

Panorama: the location. Some say it's God's country, some say it's nothing to do with him, some say there is no God, some say it's everybody's country, but as the field has three bulls in it and they call it home I'd defer to the view of the bulls.

When the loch was created some of  the ancient graves were flooded and lost. Not sure how the occupants reacted. Nobody new or newly dead has been buried here for many years. Now they're underwater. No religious objections, a bit like a burial at sea. It's all a creationist myth anyway. There's a sense of peaceful ruin in the strangely warm spring sunshine. Moss and lichen only grow on one side of the grave stones, usually the side you're trying to read. That's all part of nature's strangle-hold on death and it's conspiracy of silence and the with-holding of relevant  information. We know nothing.

Bare trees and shadows in a graveyard.

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