Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ramshackle Rockers

Last night was spent at Jim Igoe's Secret CDs night in town. Top of the bill were the incredibly tight and loud Graeme Mearns Band, ramshackle rockers and excellent musicians, cheeky, dangerous and impressive in a cartoon Bohemian style. Get the CD at the link. We got the chance to perform briefly thanks to a call off - a few notable others also played: Furious, Fi, Nyk, Broken Tooth and the ever tuneful Angel Conversations, all happening as the Scotland match raged on upstairs in the congested and noisy public bar.

Bacon and eggs can be perfect sometimes, on song and lightly fried with a slice of toast and not too much brown sauce. Egg yolks running with just the right amount of viscosity, over easy and soft with a wee bit of fat on the meat and a few well chosen burned bits to add colour and depth.

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  1. Sorry I didn't make it along - decided to join the Exec Producer in Fife for a watch of the footie on an unfeasibly large TV in a chum's Living Room