Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I accidently...

...googled myself only to find an exact replica of me sandwiched in between Count Spamborskie and Lord Davie Watson in 2006ish and can those boys play? Hell Yeah! This must have been back in the days when I oozed charisma, presence, wit and various natural oils. I have since taken the advice of counselors, many times and returned to being a wallflower and bar propper upper... I think Mr Scott Renton should be credited with the photo, albeit he was using some strange stage name or alternate alias at the time.

Sorry about the rather gloomy nature of yesterday's post but there were some compelling and unique factors and events that brought it about, we do what we do.


  1. My mom thanks you for returning her mis-directed house payment. How odd that a letter intended for a Los Angeles address - ended up in Scotland?? Anyway - thanks for sending back!

  2. Lesley, Ali says glad it arrived safely.