Wednesday, February 10, 2010



I heard the title track of this album on the radio tonight, first time in years. This record was one I played to death back in the 80s. Funny and poignant listening to it again, powerful, scary and strangely timeless, probably the best thing Roxy ever did despite their powerhouse 70s material. I'm no purist, I just like what I like.


Bishop Desmond Tutu on TV, what a complete grinning and laughing lunatic he is.


Everything Nicola Sturgeon says or does. Poor misguided woman, Wee Eck's right hand lady and ultimate fall-gal and political buffoon . "Save us from these crazy people Oh Great and Noble Pumpkin."


  1. I've never listened to Avalon. Is it really that good? I know their first four albums are absolute stunners, but Avalon? Seriously? I shall investigate and report back.

    Also, in my quest to write songs about everyone on the planet I have already covered the other people you mention. Except for the Fraet and Noble Pumpkin. But I'll get round to him.

  2. Hmmm, a man of your wide and wonderous taste may find Avalon a tad insipid - it's wee small hours stuff, it was great at the time (?).

    A song about the Great Pumpkin, looking forward to that.

  3. Well, I gave it a listen and was less disappointed than I thought I would be. Which is saying something. Or nothing. Anywise, I was so taken with 'The Main Thing' that I sampled it for my song 'Albert Schweitzer': so thanks for that!

  4. Glad to be able to assist in the creative process.