Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I used to listen to the John Peel radio sessions, week nights from ten o'clock then maybe some "in concert" event Sunday at seven. Using a primitive cassette recorder and a dumb plastic microphone propped up on a coffee mug I'd record the faint and buzzing music. After a while some spilled motorcycle battery acid ruined my collection of C60s and my lyrics notebooks so I moved onto proper vinyl, I also moved away from motorcycles. It was 1971.

Meanwhile in another century whilst exploring Spotify I came across a Peel session version of "Ride a white swan" by Mr Rockin' Rollin' Bolan in 1970: a sharp and magical little recording with minimum effects and extras and a great live guitar sound, recorded some time before the world went crazy. Peter Pan never died and Neverland never closes.


  1. That reminds me - I've got a recording of a whole Peel show from 1977 which features most of the cream of punk and new wave at the time. I recently sourced the best recordings of the tracks online, including the sessions from Squeeze and XTC. I'll put a link to it on the Reckless or something once I put it all together. It's pure class.

  2. Sounds like a goldmine but one filled with mp3s and not actual gold. Link me when you get it sorted.