Monday, June 18, 2012

No longer at your convenience

For sale in Rosyth, behind a bookies and a corner shop and near the Police Station; a fine development opportunity.
Near the beach in Aberdeen, shut and blank while hundreds of folks play on the grass or sand and use the nearby McDs for their McPees.
As pieces of social and sanitary history these public cludgie places are slowly disappearing; a good thing some may say but if you're older with prostrate troubles, have a chill, you just happen to need or out with young kids then their closure is anything but convenient. These two specimens are hardly worthy examples of the cream of public toilet design and they were no doubt built in and for different times, before rampant cuts and confusing public folklore. Now they are closed, broken and ugly reminders of how we can't quite function or relieve ourselves easily in today's so-called civilised society.


  1. Thankfully East Lothian is the last bastion of civilization having rather lovely facilities in North Berwick and Musselburgh, to name the ones I've visited.

  2. Hi Fi, you're dead right, public cludgies are dying all across this fair land - good to hear East Lothian's looking after the public.