Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Banned by Disney

If offended by this image then please contact Mr M Mouse & Co.
The Empire Strikes Back: I got an email today from a web site where the above photo (taken by me in John Lewis' Edinburgh) had been on display. No much of a photo really, a Lego Darth Vader store display that has hardy created a storm of comments or interest. Anyway it turns out that the owner of the "image", presumably Disney these days, has complained to the Californian website where my picture has languished for the last couple of years. Apparently I shouldn't have put it on display belongs to them.  Well then Star Wars fans, look out for your future, Disney is eager to hold onto all parts of it's new investment and as part of a key marketing strategy my image has been quietly removed. Of course I've replied and told them where they can stick their Lego Star Wars, lumpy bits upwards or sideways. May the force of nothing in particular be with you, this doesn't auger well for the future of the franchise.


  1. Crikey. The big boys are after you. Beware! Hope you're enjoying your new abode guys.

  2. It's got me worried, it'll be Tesco next. Thanks, been here a week, starting to get to the bottom of the boxes now.