Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY success of sorts

My new tiny rig and refitted guitar c/w Roland Cube. Bridge filed and lowered, nut lowered, action now a lot better. Still has an unwound G so tuning remains ropey but a big improvement.

It's back to quoting Frank Zappa; stupidity is surely the most common element in the universe. The whole Papal resignation and general atmosphere of decay and ongoing scandal that surrounds the Catholic Church makes me amazed that any sane person can believe in any of this farcical fairy tale and ritual. Bishops, priests, nuns and all the clergy...what a misguided bunch leading the poor, the needy and the worn out exactly nowhere. Religion must be the only human activity that actually demeans and reduces the worth and the value of the people it's supposed to free and when I meet the Pope's snoozing God at the suicidal end of my Martian trip I'll tell him so. As Bart Simpson said tonight in a well worn Simpson's repeat, "just go suck a Bible!"

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  1. I like this rant. Also, serious question - 'unwound G' - is this why my G string is always going out of tune? Should it be bound? I'm hopeless at guitar techie things.