Friday, March 01, 2013

Take the Poundland Challenge

Bored with your dull life, the Papal erection, the Eastleigh Bi-Sexual Election, the Jimmy Britts and the Oscars? Then take the Poundland Challenge. It's easy, simply visit any branch of your local recession beating Poundland anywhere in the depressed Central Belt, bring a good Scottish blue fiver (the old Victorian white ones are sadly no longer legal tender) and see what disconnected, eclectic crap and/or useful items you can squander your hard earned cash on. Just don't get spotted browsing the gleaming rows of fancy goods by family, friends or colleagues (that's all part of the fun really). Yesterday I managed to bag:

Three Chinese spanners (various metric sizes).
300 ml of HP Brown Sauce in a squeezy cat sphincter bottle.
A pair of 2.5+ reading glasses in tasteful black frames.
Black pepper in a self styled, self operating ready use grinder (pepper is ungrounded).
500 ml of Queen's Diamond Jubilee Fairy Liquid with a picture of a kitten on the front.

All for £5. Who can beat that then?

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