Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everything between

Sorted and plagiarised potential album cover.
Despite having various hi-tech tools at my disposal and reasonable brain I tend to fill my pockets with crumpled little yellow stickies upon which are scribbled various instructions, reminders, shopping lists, lyrics, PINs and passwords, all for my attention. Today's pocketed batch read like some random nonsense poem from an alien place and of course which one is which? Not much makes sense to me, here they are:

Torx screwdriver or allan keys
Link Calum Storrie F1 website
Picture Frames?
Put them on Gumtree tonight
Sitting on the stair
Staring into space
Thinking on your words
Picturing your face
Coffee for work
Card or voucher?
Porsche archive 986 FAQ
Do the Gelaskins thing
Birdseed for the juice bottle

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