Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home truths

It takes an unknown number of wild birds 2.5 days to consume 1 litre of seed from an Orangina bottle.

The kind of snow we are current getting would not be considered snow at all beyond the Arctic Circle.

The last quarter of fuel in the tank goes down quicker than the first quarter.

The current Coalition Government would probably get their just reward in Hell if there was such a place.

There is no point in trying to postpone the inevitable.

The clocks may change this weekend but people won't.

Log fires require a lot of attention if they are  to stay burning.

The proper tool is at the bottom of the tool box. (If it's not it's somewhere in the garage.)

The dishwasher misses bits.

Potholes are almost always avoidable but you may stray across the white line while trying to avoid them.

Nobody notices your odd socks (unless you brag about them).

A cup of tea is appreciated and savoured more than a cup of coffee.

Recycling Coke cans can quickly get your fingertips lacerated.

A hours sleep before midnight is about the same as an hour's sleep afterwards.

The Channel 4 news on Channel 4+1 is just the same as the original. Does nothing ever happen in that hour?

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