Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cognitive Dissonance

More things I made earlier: It's that awkward feeling when you suffer the inner conflict of hosting two opposing thoughts simultaneously there in the hallowed space between your hard grey matter and your elusive mortal soul i.e. Coke is bad for you but it tastes good. Smoking can kill you but you want to do it. Only a twat owns a Maserati  but you really need one. Pain is bad but the relief from pain is nice. Alcohol will  hurt you but the dull thud of the drunken moment is worth it. Relationships are tough but you need to stick with real people. Speed kills but you love speed and that right foot is itchy. Freedom is your goal but you need to be tied down. Loud music hurts the ears but...all that stuff makes me feel alive again.

Sometimes I think of this blog as an improvised, elongated  artwork, the materials of which are mostly sourced from random Chinese origins and approved by interpretations of cat behaviour: At other times it's all just a short holiday from my critical faculties, those irritating parts of conventional thought that somehow keep you awake into the wee small hours like re-runs of Mad Men or QI and never really come to anything or provide satisfaction. Perhaps we are of an age where we all need a little more sleep and a little less stimulation. Even the Devil himself could understand that and would grant us the grace just to be...for a short while. Fear will freeze you but the heat of the chase will burn you up.  A nice holiday from the critical faculties, do send a postcard if you ever get there.

The soothing cream label set against the tobacco sunburst comes straight back to us from that foreign factory.

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