Thursday, April 04, 2013

When North Korea attacks

The end of everything according to the Ancients (for today).
Modern Sci-Fi: With all the dignity and serenity of Ian Duncan Smith or David Cameron on a non-patronising visit to Scotland the sun sinks slowly into Longannet Power Station thereby simulating the effect of an unprovoked North Korean missile attack on Fife and the resultant "Black Start" chaos that would follow. It seems I may have stumbled upon the beginnings of a science friction novel plot of some sort here. I'll probably add in a Zombies from Culross and sex starved refugees from Blairhall storyline also.  We'll all need to be equipped with bigger ray-guns and bicycles for that to work out as credible narrative. Now if only I could muster up the right levels of concentration, stop stirring the soup and find the correct size of paint brush.

Class - still top after two days: The class calculator on the BBC website is getting the beaver hammered out of it by anxious folks hoping to understand themselves better and so know for sure the niche into which their lives fit in order that they can then go out and behave accordingly. I suppose that everybody who wants to use this blunt instrument to compartmentalise themselves into modern British life is just like me, all you need to do is tell a few lies to yourself and tick the best boxes. It's as easy as voting for the Tories I suppose.

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