Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wondering about the knobs

First aid repairs to a storm damaged door.
Here's another repair I did earlier (I'm wondering about those knobs, a touch of gold is needed I think).
Like a Hurricane: The west wind blew and beat upon the house and all that sort of thing and eventually and in awkward and potentially dangerous circumstances the garage door got broken. It clearly was a job for hammers and nails and well cut pieces of timber (basic guitar making skills really)  so I got right in about it without undue delay. Safety and security being the main goals in the project, a working door will be along in a later delivery. Now as is usual for around here some things are fixed whilst others are under repair and a small minority of other things are largely ignored.

Relax Western Europe: So you're wondering where all the old style bayonet  clip 100w light bulbs are these days? Fret no more, in a word that's possibly two words they can be found at Poundland.

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