Sunday, August 18, 2013

Images from a weekend

B&W ropes and Champagne.
Meg the blackest of black cats throws a mean shape. 
Best mug and coffee of the weekend. 
When there's no room service this helps pass the time. 
Ancient masterwork from an ancient master (rediscovered). 
Allegedly and bunk bed in which my hero Shackleton allegedly slept, presumably quite badly. The typewriter seems to be an unrelated artefact.
Weekends keep coming as regular as country buses and then are spent like hot pound coins in a hungry slot machine, gone up in smoke before you or anyone else notices. Life is a moving feast made up of moving feasts but I still have the peeling sunburn and the heat spot scars with which to remember it all.

Now that I've put six strings on it and tightened the various dirty headed screws, the guitar featured in the previous entry is turning out to be a proper monster. The Fender Atomic Humbucker pickup is performing even better than I'd expected, not sure where to go next with this one.

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