Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Guitar Shop 2

Partscaster 1, 80s Hohner neck and body, single Fender Atomic Humbucker, volume control,  Fender bridge,  tremolo and hardware, finished in a turquoise blue lacquer, also has a few tiny body dings. 
Partscaster 2, no known history, blank ash body finished in natural teak oil, Fender style neck with dolphin motif at the 12th fret, single G116 14k Alinco V Humbucker with coil tap, tone and volume/tone controls that  allow a wide range of clear sounds, Fender tremolo bridge and hardware. No marks or vices.
Partscaster 3, gloss black unknown copy body (jack socket on base, non-standard shape), hardtail, standard heavy pickups and Fender neck. Glossy black finish with a few minor dings but clean as a whistle otherwise Nice tone all round. 
Partscaster 4, 90s Korean Squier sunburst (very heavy, full size) body and pickups, hardtail,  overhauled with a new maple neck. Superbly playable guitar.
Ps OA.

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