Wednesday, September 11, 2013


In theory the Black & Decker Workmate is a formidable, versatile workhorse that can be used to hold a Jumbo Jet engine or the sarcophagus of Tutankhamen quite easily while you tinker with the damaged innards and make a triumphant repair. I wouldn't know, I've still to reach that stage. As with most things it's a self assembly object that comes with incomprehensible instructions and diagrams in fifteen obscure European languages - why did I give up on the Beltane-Celtic? The other snag is that you really need an already built and fully functioning B&D WM to build another, that and a reliable spanner. It's also made in China from an unknown metal finished in black gloss. I will persevere with this monster and I shall triumph, at least as soon as I find the tiny split pin I dropped on the garage floor. Meanwhile as a dull diversion here's a worthwhile list of the top five (I could give you fifty five) over rated guitar players in somebody's opinion.

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