Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mouse in a jar

I was awoken a 6am this morning by a cat's triumphant meow from the stairway, clearly a mouse had been caught. The mouse was looking pretty healthy and was away from the cat so, after a brief bit of tussling with a jar and paper I caught it and was ready to set it free. The mouse had other ideas and scuttled out of my trap like pocket rocket and disappeared downstairs. "The cat will get him next time" I thought. Sure enough the cat came in a few minutes later and deposited a (very dead) mouse at my feet, of course it was a different mouse.  Cats 1 - Mice 1 : 12+ hours of extra time is currently being played. Ho-hum, maybe if I hadn't stopped to take a photo of the mouse it would have all been so different.

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