Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Being exceptional sucks

Having driven 200 miles today on a mixture of business and pleasure related things I'm a bit tired and maybe dehydrated in a mental way.  Too tired to blog and so explore and go on to find deep and meaningful things to say and describe. It's not as if they've disappeared (those issues and things), there are more things there than ever. All excruciatingly important and crying out to be said or critiqued or spat upon with some derisory comment or tirade or laughed at, mocked or built up into some fantastic and creative mind palace of presentational perfection, but not now. Not now when I'm tired and I want to watch trashy TV, drink strong dirty coffee, suck a Cadbury's creme egg and sleep in various stages of shallow awareness and deep, vivid, fitful dreaming. In other words I'm not feeling at all exceptional right now. Normal in other, other words.

And another thing...

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