Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last night's GoT

"And whatever you do don't mention the rape incident at the funeral..."
I experienced a bit of a flashback last night, it was a feeling I got mid season during Lost a few years ago. That bit when the time slip thing happened and the characters moved all over the plotline in a very confusing way. Here we are again in Game of Thrones, normally an exciting and engaging watch, now in season 4 or something and I suddenly felt we were in the saggy middle, the soft muddle or the misplaced middle. Stranded. That  awkward point in a series where nothing is really quite happening, there's a bit of familiar repetition and you feel the writers are going a bit too far in padding out the excessive padding. Conversations take place, there's sex, violence and swearing, the slaves are freed up at last (again) and there's some odd sexual scene that's just too strange and there's other gratuitous or horrid behaviour...but it still doesn't work. Better next week? I hope so.

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