Saturday, April 19, 2014

Travelling without moving

Small and quirky guitars are big news in my tiny mind right now. What a discovery they are. Here are three, so small that they can fit in the passport pocket of a Levis jacket folded up and placed in an Easyjet overhead luggage rack and still stay perfectly in tune and not sound in the least distorted nor will they hamper any of the pure enjoyment you might get from supping on your overpriced tepid Nescafe Gold Blend from a recycled paper cup. Just watch out for the bright and gobby sales representative in the sharp suit and stilettos who may well clunk her bulging Antler wheelie bag right on top of your minuscule travelling musical treasures.

Whilst on the subject of travel, one of these devices has now been set up in Kinross Services on the M90, incredibly and thanks to a European Price Fixing Charter they (doughnuts) cost the same as they do in Tesco.

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