Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cloudy and clammy

Paint stripper: slow-mo action shot in B&W.
Every so often just take a little time out and look up at the clouds and try not to trip up either. So a cloudy and almost (at 17C) clammy day when nothing much happened apart from the ritualistic cleaning of bird shit from windows and cars that took place. A long silence followed during which winds and moving air hustled those same clouds from a to b and possibly beyond even as far as c. Indoors the paint stripper chemicals were magically activated when they came into contact with wood, air and accidental human flesh. Oh how we laughed and then screamed with pain and the shock of it all. Back in the kitchen my earlier successful but moodily petulant unarmed robbery from the M&S food court provided a series of tea time treats with milk and two sugars. It all tasted a bit like chicken but we're suckers for any decent three for a tenner promotion that includes fresh green leaves and a Key Lime pie or two. 

Here's a beer I had earlier, sinking into a tartan worm hole. 
Here's a cat thinking deep and profound thoughts about inter-cat and inter-human relationships...and food.

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