Monday, April 28, 2014

Squeezed muddles

A race to the bottom. Ed Miliband says that a Yes Vote will mean just that. This grinning snake and a poor apology for a Labour Party leader knows this only too well, that's exactly the race that his own party is running in at the moment both in Scotland and in England. It's just not as it should be; who would have thought that the Labour Party would ever struggle to find respect and credibility in Scotland of all places? It's a measure of the damage done by New Labour and their abject failure to remain on the creative left of politics as a result of chasing the Home Counties vote and the support of that nebulous, fickle and impossible to define “squeezed middle”. I've got some sympathy for those Scottish Labour supporters who believe  that the only back for the party here is to swallow a load of other bad medicine and some pride and vote yes. Gordon Brown etc. hang your head in shame.

Dead Pope Society. Pope John Paul, a dead man who is now to be made a saint, but despite all the pomp, prayer and celebration he will remain dead through the ceremony and well beyond. Even the great and powerful Oz and a large gathering of delusional but well meaning people in Rome cannot bring him back from wherever he may be now on the cosmic treadmill. No sausage rolls or chilled Prosecco for John Paul when the speeches are up. I'm sure, apart from being Pope and presiding over a hugely corrupt and corrupting religious body he was a probably nice chap who meant well (even if some of his hypocritical team did not and are clearly evil incarnate). So the obvious and difficult to digest fact for some that he's as dead as the Monty Python parrot and that his canonisation is simply a surreal, superstitious  and ridiculous event. That  may be a tough fact for the faithful to understand. Once again organised religion exposes itself as man's most optimistic, ignorant and futile series of emotionally charged practices – chronicles of wasted time if you will (as a wise man once described his life). P.S. Other Popes are also available for impromptu canonisation.

Here's a Pope that knows a thing or two.

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