Friday, July 18, 2014

A fun place

Kirkcaldy: a divided place.

Voting for a brave new Scotland?

A place where rights and freedoms are supported and respected.
A place where voices are heard and listened to.
A place with good health care is coupled with the promotion of good health education.
A place where social services have a light but positive touch.
A place where politics is positive and not fearful and negative.
A place where housing is decent and affordable and is supported as being a basic right.
A place where we can get a proper education.
A place where people give back in proportion to what they take.
A place where we can make money ethically.
A place that makes things, sells things and, if it can, gives things away.
A place where we understand things are not perfect but we work, a bit at a time to make them better.
A place where we tolerate and support diversity, eccentricity and creativity in others.
A place where crime is dealt with quickly and effectively.
A place where superstores and retail parks don’t dominate our town and lives.
A place where nature is in it’s right place and respected.
A place that people will want to visit, holiday in and work in.
A place that knows its roots, its history and its traditions.
A place that has a respected voice in the world.
A place that doesn’t shout me, me, me all the time.
A place where fingers don’t point and tongues don’t wag.
A safe place we can call home.
A place not run by Tory slime balls.
A clean place.
A fun place.

This all becomes a bit too pious and predicable after a while, too worthy and possibly stupid. A box ticking exercise. It’s hard not to include indicative and desirable things like having clean public toilets, no potholes in the road, a four day week, nonstop erotic cabaret, banning religion, no snappy dogs, cheap petrol, no bingo and having a Yellow Brick Road we can all just skip along on whilst whistling a happy tune. Well maybe some day.

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