Friday, July 04, 2014

Things flying about

Today the washed out and broody skies were crowded with various flying machines. All of them (obviously) quite hard to photograph. They move too fast and high. I presume that there is a special technique for this sort of thing. Clearly I know nothing about it and I only own a £40 camera.

Meanwhile the big, cataclysmic voting day in September rolls inexorably towards us like a jam donut wobbling down the Royal Mile whilst chased by a hungry poodle. So now we find Wee Eck and Diddy Cameron getting politely booed by shipbuilders and the Queen's procession of minders close every road in West Fife, it may be the end of all reason and the demise of the M&S eat for two for a tenner offer forever. So as world peace gets no kind of chance the standards of media reporting and honest discussion seem on the brink of total collapse, here's a good piece about the Scottish situation and the tiresome and often inappropriate use of the term bully. Good on you Robert.


  1. At the turn of the year, I coined a new campaign slogan re the referendum - "Vote Yes, it'll be brilliant"..

    Sadly, so did the Yes campaign and it's not really moved on from that...

    That, for me, is their problem in a nutshell...

    And now, it's just too late I fear...

  2. I don't think that the Yes vote will win but the result will be narrow. Most of the people around me at work are Nos, family are maybe 50/50 and so I suspect that Scottish conservatism (in the behavioural sense) and risk avoidance will prevail i.e. pensions. finance and defence will win over passion and belief. That's how folks are. As for me I'm voting Yes for the hell of it, heart ruling over head for once.