Monday, July 21, 2014

More flag

I couldn't be in more pain unless I'd urinated on a nettle. Well that wasn't what I did, nor was I stung by a wasp or a disguised bee or scratched by some jumping cat. I did pull a thorn from a drain and that did hurt a bit but then I completely failed to drop any of the sixteen breeze blocks and four bricks I moved across the garden onto my naked toes. I didn't for once bash my head on the low lintel on the garage door, on the boxed in plumbing nor on the awkward bit under the stairs where everything is at the wrong height. No thumbs were hit by claw hammers or finger tips removed by spinning electric machinery (drill, saw or lawn mower) and my wrist was not burned by the oven door nor scalded by a kettle spillage plus I cant remember the last time I cut myself shaving or (other than two weeks ago) had an irritable spot up my nose cavity. So what is this pain? No other words than...summer fatigue and the requirement for a holiday. 

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