Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Seems like everyone is on holiday

Sandy, dry, warm tones and new ceramic surfaces, gleaming white and pristine, still unfinished but all there in the void that was. Cold and clean, dripping and gurgling and ready. Bright reflections and quirky space, hidden features and openings and the whizzing of fans and air and cold water turning hot. Unmarked and easy, strong, bold and compact outside of daylight. Picked out and slotted in, proportional and perfect in places and wabi sabi in others. Lazy and busy and hidden behind the anonymity of a closed door that you can peek around, squint and stare in but no key hole or latch as we await the compliant lock design. One hot and bothered question remains...who will the brave soldier and righteous warrior be, the chosen one who Christens and launches this spectacular and spiritual space?

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