Monday, July 14, 2014

Cat Wars

Weapon of mass confusion.
There's a bit of an undeclared cat war going on around here. It started with a few meows and twitches but it's turned into a full scale, cat-flap battering, pissing and staring contest between cats that most likely have no balls but are desperately trying at act as if they do. Peace seems a long way from breaking out as the nightly skirmishes and tactical batterings run on. We're not sure but there may be up to six guerrilla felines involved, two of them being ours. One is in the secret service and a bit of a Mata-Hari character, the other, a bemused, reluctant and unhappy combatant just makes a lot of noise and wets his pants at the sound of gunfire. The other players are the local bad boy cutie, a stray lady with peculiar white paws, an old gentleman like Captain Mainwaring and a tiny boy/girl soldier of unknown origins. Anyway it's time for the humans strike back, anytime, anywhere and mostly in our pyjamas. Some time in the wee, small hours peace will surely come.

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