Saturday, January 31, 2015

All those who wander

Glasgow daily photo and a walk across the rooftops: In town today and up on the top deck of the Lighthouse, I took these unremarkable photos and in the continuing spirit of lazy and vacuous blogging I share them now. I did enjoy being up there in the calm and cold, though the stairs were hard work and I had to pass through an irritating Charles Rennie Mac-shrine and some well meant but clumsy right-on Citypoliticbabble  to get there but it was worth it. Glasgow is dirty, compressed, noisy (with street music, traffic and sirens) and cluttered with debris but also serene, chilly and magnificent.  Lunch at the Wander Cafe was disorganised but pleasant with strong coffee and air whipped cream as we continue to explore the randomly scattered eateries and food shops knowing full well we'll never get around them all. Then home along the crusty old tobacco road where snow threatens but seldom falls. The weather people just don't know what to do with themselves at this time of year. Below: this is the safest route back to earth.

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