Saturday, January 10, 2015

Self assisted selfie

Well maybe it's the time of year or then again maybe it's the time of man but you see, at this particular moment I don't quite know who I am and of course, with the true and irreversible passage of time, life is for learning. So I watched three acts on the Voice, and walked away, ate a chicken Kiev, drank some wine and stoked up the fire (no euphemism there). it seems that today has gone by the way, that way, in some by the way way. The good news being that the drains are unblocked and that the dishwasher works on the second click (who knew that), the Volvo will get MoT'd and all good taxi drivers with car trading experience would recommend Skodas, every time. I also learned a French term for melted chocolate and added cream and in an earlier version of myself found myself agreeing with Will Self. That was today, tomorrow is chicken and leak pie; naturally.

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